Doing The Wrong Thing Righter

I am bored of this absolute fallacy in education.  If something doesn’t work, do more of it, to a better level, make it ‘righter’ and it will work.

If something doesn’t work – it is you!  You!  The staff!  You are the reason it doesn’t work!

Do it righter, do it more rigorously, and it will work!  Has deliverology taught you nothing!?

The best thing that you can do to increase the learning of your classes is improve the quality of your lessons.  Nothing has the same impact as an outstanding practitioner does.  Whatever you put in place to remove time from considering, reflecting and planning lessons is time wasted.  The nonsense of feedback has reached fever pitch, as I sit with over 150 books that I will have to put pointless, useless feedback in.  In the time it will take me to follow the farcical policy that has been meted down I could have prepared a weeks worth of ‘outstanding’ lessons (or at least very good!), however I now have to use a red pen to write some things that a student can reply to in green pen in the name of what one can only consider as mindless bureaucracy.

I could just about stomach this if there was any sort of professional discussion, if David Didau’s exceptional insights on feedback were taken on board and we had a system that was fit for purpose, however it is simply not.

I apologies for the ranting nature of this article but I needed somewhere to vent!


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